Wednesday, September 16, 2015

   Hello fellow adventurers! This blog has been floating around in my head for far too long.  I apologize to all those fine folks who have asked me for photos and words since I began my travels. I think it’s only appropriate to dedicate my blog and this post to all of you who have helped me arrive at this point in my life. Without your love, guidance, lessons, and years of selfless encouragement, I would not be the person I am today.
    So who am I? A logical question, with no easy answers, which continues to be defined. I’ll do my best, from my perspective.  Please fill in the story, add color, or ask questions in the comments below.
    First and foremost I am a man of many interests, from reading novels and watching documentaries, to racing bikes and running mountains. I cannot stand to sit still with so many places unexplored nor avoid roadside attractions en route to a destination. I am primarily a man of the trails and high places although the ocean and forests seem connected to my emotions. While I commuted for many years by bicycle and ran plenty of races on pavement, it doesn’t make me happy and I find it much more dangerous than dodging trees, rocks and thunderstorms. I have an affinity for happy people, crazy weather and going to places where few other feet have tread. Given the opportunity to work or live amid a new culture I have tried to say “yes” which led me to a great work-study experience in Belize and two years in Vanuatu with the Peace Corps. Through years of reading outdoor sports and travel magazines I developed a love of photography. My background in Geography (BA degree from SUNY Cortland) and a desire to share my activities with others has caused me to learn more about the camera and lenses that were always so mysterious. As a way to fund my adventures and share them, I will have a link to my photographic prints listed on the side. I hope you enjoy them enough to order one for you or a friend.
    You may wonder why a blog that will include photography and observations from my travels is called Fit To Discover. It’s because I’ve learned many things, through much trial and often painful error, about being prepared for journeys. While it takes only interest and some borrowed equipment to get started hiking, biking or simply city walking, to go further and higher takes a bit more planning. Strenuous active journeys require me to be in good mental and physical condition through daily nutrition, hydration, rest and of course muscle work. My mind gets prepped through yoga, meditation and the researching of a trip. For physical preparedness I have found that doing short (30 to 45 minute), intense (continuous sweating and high heart rate) workouts a few times each week with a couple of endurance days (ie. swim 1 mile) and cross-training (yoga, stairclimb, etc) work best for me. I will include links to nutrition sites and exercise information that I find helpful as well as writing posts about these topics ongoing.
    I offer personal encouragement, challenge groups, resources, product information, and support to athletes through Team Beachbody.  They offer programs that fit my weekly intense workout requirements (P90X3, T-25, Body Beast, etc.), the endurance framework (ChaLean Extreme, Insanity, etc.) with unique and fun programs like Cize and PiYo for cross training. I’m currently using their versatile On-Demand workouts to get ready for my next mountain excursion. This is a great option because I can use my laptop, or even my cellphone for a guided workout from anywhere with a WiFi signal. If you travel a lot, this is an invaluable resource. Please see my Beachbody page link for a complete program list, the Beachbody Challenge and product ordering information.
    For nutrition I do my best to eat organic, sustainable, and unprocessed foods. This also makes me feel better about how I’m caring for the earth. I feel the best eating primarily veggies, some meat, very few grains and supplementing with Vegan Shakeology. I use Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance formula before some of my most intense workouts, like stair climbing, for optimal results. If you don’t have a current pre- or post-workout drink, I highly encourage looking into the Beachbody Performance line at the link provided.
    To finish up I’d simply like to say thank you. For reading this far. For sharing my blog page if you are so inclined and for for commenting or giving constructive criticism. I am far from perfect, always learning and enjoy the opportunity to share this page with you.
    Safe travels,
    Coach DMack

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